Continuous feedback in classrooms without needing student devices

Conduct polls in classroom after teaching a topic to assess comprehension level. Improve class participation by engaging students in feedback sessions. Analyse performance at quiz, question, class, subject, topic and student level. Suggest customised learning path to improve individual student's performance.

Distractionless polling without student devices

Forget distraction caused by electronic gadgets

Each student gets a sheet of paper with a QR Code like pattern printed on it. The four orientations of sheet code for options A, B, C and D. Students rotate and hold up their sheets like placards. Only teacher needs a smartphone to use our app that scans all these sheets at once even from distance and log responses.

Classroom feedback collection in seconds

Instantly guage students' comprehension

Do not wait for tests or exams to evaluate students. Ask related questions immediately after teaching a topic and collect student reponses to assess if the class understood the topic. Polling a class of 35-50 students barely takes 30 seconds.

Performance improvement with increased class participation

Make each student's opinion count

Regularly conduct feedback sessions to engage students. Make students more confident while allowing them to choose an answer irrespective of other students' answer and without the fear of being judged for a wrong response.
Continuous Quality that’s powerful

Zero effort evaluation and record keeping

Automated evaluation and record keeping

Responses are not only evaluated but also synced to our analytics platform for futher analysis and future reference, thereby saving time on manual evaluation and record-keeping.

Performance tracking and analysis for personalised suggestions


Indepth quiz analysis

Review the class performance in quizzes. Identify the easiest and the most difficult topics in quiz. Get to know the difficulty level of each question. Review each student's overall performance in the quiz.
student_quiz_performance analysis

Student quiz performance analysis

Individually review each student's performance in a quiz. Get to know each students weak and strong concepts from a quiz. Compare how each student performed in each question with respect to the whole class.
Overall student performance tracking

Overall student performance tracking

Review each student's performance across different subjects. Get to know their core strengths and weaknesses through topic heatmaps. See their progress over time and also how they compare with the whole class.
Reports with personalised suggestions

Consolidated reports with personalised suggestions

Consolidated reports for students, parents and teachers identifying student's strengths and weaknesses and personalised suggestions for improving performance. Overall class performance report in addition to students' reports for teachers' reference.

See how it works

Instantly see students responses

No more waiting for response collection, evaluation and results. Instantly see student responses while scanning through the classroom. No need to scan students individually - whatever is visible in camera, gets logged instantly. Try moving around the phone in the picture to get an idea of how it works!
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